To Wear or Not Wear a Bra: at the Gym

Choosing to wear a bra or choosing not wear a bra is a personal decision. Even when it comes to undergarments, the decisions we make in life can often be impacted by society’s positive or negative views of a situation.

In the Let’s Talk About Bras interview video clip above, M–a personal trainer–examines the desire to wear regular bras, cute bras, and everyday bras at the gym, versus normal workout bras or sports bras.

Can women get away with just wearing sports bras in public?

“It’s more acceptable for someone who’s more fit to just wear a sports bra [in everyday situations].”

When it comes to heavy-chested women, there’s not as much slack. M says its unfortunate that society it inappropriate for a heavier-chested woman to go through her day to day life without a support bra, because–why not?

Choosing the Perfect Bra for the Gym

Your undergarment choice even matters at the gym. M has noticed the upswing in women wearing normal bras for a workout session. She finds it interesting that some women choose to wear a tank-top with a built in bra, plus a regular bra underneath.

“I wouldn’t want to buy a bunch of normal bras, wear them, and get them all sweaty.”

She alludes to the desire for more cleavage at the gym. As a serious athlete, M wonders who is trying to impress who. She imagines it’s much more work and energy to clean regular bras after working out at the gym–so why bother?

What do you think? Do you use sports bras in everyday situations, or only while playing sports or working out? Do you think it should be acceptable for anyone to wear whatever type of bra they want? Whether you’re working out at the gym or walking around town, what decisions do you have to make regarding your undergarment choices? Leave a comment below!

How To Take A Girl’s Bra Off

There are three basic steps for unhooking a bra: feed the straps for slack, then slightly lift one as you go on to pull away the other.

In the documentary Let’s Talk About Bras, my friend K vents her frustration with men who, in the heat of the moment, are unable to unclasp.

“Wearing a cute bra looks highly sexual,” she mentions, “[but] in the act — in the moment of doing stuff — they are such a pain.”

Cute bras are usually less functional and more, well, focused on features. They are a heightened visual assets when exploring one another’s bodies. However, those who are unfamiliar with the cute or sexy bra territory will often have a hard time figuring out how to undo the complicated lingerie. Working ineffectually at taking off a bra can create a void: sexual activity quickly weens down, building up the wrong kind of frustration for all parties involved.

“[The cute bra] may have made it a little more erotic to start the foreplay, but nothing ruins the flow like a guy having so much trouble taking it off.”

Have you ever been in this position? K says she usually slaps the guy’s hand away and takes the bra off, herself. She’s got a brilliant one-handed, two-finger method, perfected over the years.

Do you have any methods to take off your bra, or tips for removing a girl’s bra? Have you ever been in this frustrating position where the bra isn’t coming off? How did you get around it? Share your story with us in the comments!




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